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Matteo Zaccarini, Delphic Festivals (1927 and 1930)

Matteo ZACCARINI, Delphic Festivals. The Photographs of the Historical Archives of the Benaki Museum of Athens, Preface by Andrea Nanetti, Department of History and Methods for Cultural Heritage Preservation of the University of Bologna–Benaki Museum of Athens, Meduproject Editions and La Mandragora Editrice, Imola 2009 (Mediterranean Diaries, 2).
All the ramifications of Greek thought and activity are not known. Nevertheless, in all nations, enough has been written and spoken by students of Art, of Science, of Religion, of Philosophy, of Politics and Economics, to make it evident that our foundation is also, to some degree, theirs. Moreover, the ancient site of Delphi has been for centuries, and is today, a strategic center between north and south, connecting Central Europe with the Mediterranean. [...] Delphi therefore is the chosen center where a new Temple must be built; not one of marble columns, but a temple whose pediment shall be Education, Economy and Justice for the whole earth.
(Eva Palmer quoting Angelos Sikelianos from John P. Anton (ed.), Upward Panic: the Autobiography of Eva Palmer-Sikelianos, Harwood Academic Publishers, Routledge, 1993).
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